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Ion, did you keep the food you had found? It is... exceedingly dangerous out there, and I'd rather neither of us have to leave unless we have to. *hisses* Stupid bats. What the hell are those made out of?
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.01 - First event


Silliness aside, here it is: The iron maiden in the gift shop has exploded, and released countless bats. They're no longer appearing out of no where, but the gift shop has been compromised. As of now, there are hundred of bats roaming the skies, and dozens more still residing in the gift shop. They are nasty, will attack anyone, and cannot be killed. HOWEVER! You can disable them to the point they can't fly anymore, and thus can't attack. You'll have to slice off both wings or beat them into a literal pulp, though. They're very adapt at flying and attacking even if sliced in two and burnt.

ALSO! The first safe spot of the game has appeared. Look for a small, ornate trailer filled with jars with various body parts. This is the "Exhibition" trailer. Yes, the body parts are real. Yes, the enemies will stop attacking you if you enter the trailer. The trailer is big enough for about... three teenagers to stand uncomfortably in. And there is no food/water/bedding, so you will need to leave and fetch such things.

Look for a post on carny_events for requesting safe spots.

So. Enjoy~
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Stale popcorn and flat soda. I wish I could have found something else. The water was okay, but I can't imagine if the water will remain.

I hope you don't mind that I went out, Luke. I ... was getting that same feeling you were, being alone in the gift shop.
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